How the Color Psychology of Your Stadium, Training Areas, and Arena Can Affect Your Team’s Morale

New advances in color psychology are showing us that different colors can have psychological effects on humans.  That means that its important to choose the right colors for where you work and play.   Choosing the wrong colors can lead to a decrease in team performance.  That’s why its so important to hire a high quality to help you choose the right colors.   I personally like Painters GTA, who work in Mississauga, Ontario.

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Red is An Excellent Color for Your Stadium or Training Area

Red is associated with masculine aggression, physical courage, strength,  excitement, and the “flight or fight response”.  The color of blood, red brings out something primal in human beings.

For example, if you run a football team, it makes sense to have the stadium to have certain parts painted in red.  This would include the stadium they play against the competition in, as well as the various training areas including the weight room.  Anything that requires your athletes to be pumped up and aggressive is excellent with red.

Green is the Best for When You Want Your Players to Relax

Meditation is rapidly becoming a go to training practice for athletes who deal with high stress situations.  Meditation and presence training, especially when conducted in high stress situations can drastically improve performance.  If you’re going to implement meditation into your sports team routine, it may be worth painting one room in a pleasing and calming green color which will help your players relax.  Its also an excellent idea for a stretching or yoga room.

meditation room

Blue is Great for Your Sports Office Room

If you’re an administrator in your team, you’ll need a clear intellectual way of dealing with the various daily issues that crop up, whether it be financial issues or issues with individual players.  Blue is a color that’s calm, cool, collected, and rational.  Its a perfect fit for your home office and will get the job done for sure.

I hope these ideas help you out.  I know they sound a bit new agey but there’s a lot of significant research behind color psychology.   That means its a very worthwhile investment to hire a solid commercial painter and get your players the edge they need to bring home all the trophies they can.


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